[] RM problems

I tried updating to My largest, most complex rule in RM would not open and started throwing this error in the logs:

I also started seeing this error in Average All which I realize is a @Cobra app and not a native HE app (but I did not have this error before upgrading):

I've rolled back to for now and that has allowed me to open the rule and screenshot it. Let me know what other info would help. I was hoping to get the fix for "wait for" but I guess... I will have to wait for that. :crazy_face:

Build 142 had a problem. You should roll back to the release you were on previously.

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Is there any harm if I don't roll back? For whatever reason .142 is running much better for me then .141 :man_shrugging:t2:

We don't advise it. Tomorrow we will release a replacement for 142 without the bug or risks associated therewith. But, it's up to you....

Thanks @bravenel. Should I restore the .141 DB as well or is the code rollback sufficient?

For me the code rollback was sufficient... just an unofficial observation. Definitely fixed my Lutron integration problem.

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