changes to MakerAPI "Allow options for modes/hsm"

I caught this line in the latest Hub version but can't find any info about it. It it described somewhere?

  • MakerAPI: Allow options for modes/hsm.
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Just this post:

and the post following in the same thread:

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I see the new options now on the latest release .142


Um, that release was pulled and the page with your screenshot is no longer available. It was a very exciting experience when it was installed. You are fortunate if you missed that excitement.

Yup - HE staff recommend removing .142, revert back to .141 or previous, and await an updated release. I believe their statement was ".142 is borked." :slight_smile:

it always allowed those.. even in earlier firmwares.. there just no explicit option to unallow. so just continue to use them.. to see your mode ids put in modes in place of device in the link.

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Yep, I know. I opened this post because the description for the update wasn't clear to me.. I was thinking this was some new options vs just locking down what's already there.

that link above to Maker API - Remove HSM and mode? explained it though

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Yeah, I think I missed all of that but after updating to .142 and then looking though the forums I'm glad I haven't had anything crazy happen (that I know of).

I think next time I'll start reading through the forums before actually updating :slight_smile:


You will. I suggest that you roll back to .141. Things can get messed up.

Now where is the fun in that, I ask!! :wink:

.143 has cured all ills - buttercups are everywhere again.

Thanks for the conversation on this, I had was a bit confused as well.

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