2.2.3 Sunrise Condition Evaluation

Can someone check on a v2.2.3 hub to see if this evaluates correctly:

between sunrise and 12:00 AM

It is 7pm here, and one of my rules failed to fire, as the condition above evaluated to False. I changed Sunrise to 9:00AM and it evaluated correctly. Time on hub is correct.


could you try making your time 11:59pm instead of 12am? Could the "morning" vs "evening" be playing a part? Just a thought

These are related...

First Thing I did was change the end time 12:01 AM to ensure it was definitely after midnight. No change. Changed the start time to 9AM (eliminating "Sunrise") and it worked fine.

Good suggestion.


Yup, I wrote my note, and then discovered the other "Sunset Event" post! I linked that one, here, but failed to link this one there...probably should have just "Me too'd" the other post, and deleted this one...but I didn't think about it until too late...:slight_smile:


Strange sunrise rule after upgrading to the latest version this morning.