2.2.3 Routing Question

I'm wondering how a few devices show up with nonsensical routes?

01 -> A5 -> 2F

When there's nowhere NEAR an "A5" device?

I wonder if that's why those devices aren't responding properly?


Devices pick their own routes (go figure -- I have some crazy ones also). We will be looking into better route management. But, generally, this should not be the source of any response problem in and of itself.

But what is "A5"? I have nothing anywhere near that high.

Specific to the "A5", that is some quirk/anomaly. I don't know what causes it, just ignore it for now knowing that it obviously isn't 100% right as you don't have an "A5" node.

The route may update/start showing correctly on its own later, or after a repair.

Probably something that will get fixed/resolved in the future. Just a graphical/visual "issue" for now.

I'm thinking that may be why I'm having issues with those devices.

If my hub is trying to find an A5 to reach them, it's agonna have issues. :slight_smile:

It is a cosmetic issue only, as far as I know/can tell.

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Something was hosed up. The network was throwing busy errors continuously and the repair wasn't really getting anywhere.

I did a full shutdown, unplugged it, then powered back up a bit later.

Now, it seems to be doing better. No busy messages--and, the "repair" is behaving really nicely. It's skipping all the battery gizmos (at least so far) and getting the rest chatting. We'll see--hopefully this will result in a lot more stable mesh.


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Looking at the routes, though. It does kinda look like the route someone's 3 year old would take when going "straight to bed". :smiley:

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So, the repair ran smoothly, quickly, and without untoward errors.

However, how do we get the 'battery' operated devices (that did NOT participate in this newly redesigned process) to find more appropriate neighbors? Specifically, the "old original" z-wave devices??

Those are now the things with wonky routes (e.g., the "A5" things).

I'm actually not 100% sure of the status on zwave repairs with battery devices, actually.

Might need @bcopeland to come in.

I gotta say. After I powered off and stopped the incessant "z-wave is busy" nonsense, it's working much better.

I got my Ring Gen2 Sensor to pair the first time I tried! W00t!!

You don't repair battery devices.. They are not listening .. Most will utilize explorer frames to discover a new route if the last working route fails.

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That makes sense. I guess I would have come to that conclusion if I had just taken a minute to think about it.

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So, is there any way to kick battery devices in the butt when it comes to wacky routes?

Like, ones that criss-cross the entire house a couple times?

My house isn't that big--so I suspect that every device should be able to talk to the hub with no extenders--but I got a few just to try to help make sure the batter devices (door sensors, door locks) at the various spots in the house had a strong signal.

Thing is, they often aren't using the extenders and, worse, they are going through sketchy z-wave devices that are farther than the hub by a notable distance (going from the middle of the house to the NE, then to the SW corner, then back to a device on the middle-east side!!

Since the ADT Pulse didn't even let me see any of this--the gory details are kinda new to me. :slight_smile:

Their stuff just worked. Until it didn't. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good question.. In theory if it wakes up and starts having issues it will re-route itself at that time.. But this will only occur during wake-up periods.. You could use the button on the device the force a wake-up ..

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Do battery z-wave (legacy) devices ever kick around for a new route just to see if they can get a better deal?

Or, will they use an insane route forever, despite being weak and slow--just because they hate trying anything new? You mentioned the qualifier "if they have issues". Just wondering how pissed a battery operated ZW (or ZW+) device has to get before it decides to poke around?

I might need to run to the imaging center and borrow a think lead blanket. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I just had a couple devices drop off again. One was a battery operated Ring Gen2 Door sensor that is right next to the hub (like 3 feet). The other is powered light switch a ways away (GE/Jasco ZW legacy dimmer). Gonna shutdown. Power off. Boot up. Re-run repair.

On the first route failure.. which if it is a crazy route is highly likely on the first notification the device tries to do..

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Define this please?