[] Does NW exclusion work? [C-7]

@bcopeland I have noticed that i can't seem to use exclusion through the network on the C7 where as the C4 worked fine with z-wave plus devices.
The 1st time i noticed it was with my z-wave C7 hub but as all the devices are z-wave I realized that was why where as before it was both z-wave and z-wave plus on the C4.
With the 2nd C7 its been the same and all the devices are plus with a now strong mesh.

That wasn't my experience. I think is based on the model of device. It maybe that the device on C-7 can only pair secure, as opposed to C4, so that may require device to hub direct connection.

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the device in question is a S2 device, so that sound correct.

I was thinking more like S0 device. I have excluded/included several Inovelli S2 dimmers through other devices with no problem.

I've included/excluded probably at least 50 times on my development C-7 hub (unsecure and S2). Exclusion definitely works if the radio/hub isn't bogged down.

theses devices i couldn't get to work were aeotec nano shutters. they are 3/5 m max direct line of site to the hub through walls and floor and 1.5/3 M MAX to 2 or 3 other z-wave plus device that is directly connected to the hub and yet unless the hub is in the same room there is no way it will work. move the hub to the room and 1st time it excludes.