[ C7] RM 5.1 Execution issues


I've got a couple RM 5.1 rules that don't seem to be working properly, so I created a test case.

One issue demonstrated here shows that pasting a "copied" "wait for event-elapsed time=2sec" into an existing "Repeat" loop causes the "Stop Repeating Actions" to be ignored.

Here is the log:

Here is the rule:

Any time the "Var1=2, Var2=1 True" message is logged, the "Stop Repeating Actions" should trigger--so it shouldn't be repeated twice.

Prior to inserting that "Wait", it behaved properly:


(Note that I also added the "after repeat" wording to that log message and added the "Starting" log message between these tests).

In two other rules that are of a similar form (and which are logically almost identical), I am seeing the final "Else" running even though a preceding "Else-If" ran. I've not been able to reproduce this yet.

But, I suspect it had to do with copy/pasting some of the If/Then/Else and/or repeat logic.

Here, with logging enabled:

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