- can’t access RM3 new rules/variables page

I updated a couple of hours ago to new hotfix but when I click on Rule Machine to check out variables, create rules etc I get the following error

This is the log:

Anyone else got the same? @bravenel Bruce, any suggestions please?

Roll back to previous build. I don't think that will throw an error. If it does, let me know, and you'd have to restore your db.

Did you have any Global Variables already?

Will give that a go.
I did have previous global variables

Before anything, please take screenshot of app status page for RM.

Im getting the same as well.


Thanks. Please roll back and let me know if it works ok on prior build.

Hmm, restored backup, and it didnt work - the restoring the backup. It went to the screen about "restoring backup, please wait, dont reboot, etc", and then didnt reboot, and didnt restore the backup. Was still on latest build.

Trying again.

No, the backup isnt working. It doesnt do anything, still on the current build.

Also, I get sent a notification when hub reboots (after a minute), and it's not doing that either, so I doubt it's actually doing the restore/reboot.

Roll back means go to your-hub-ip:8081

There you will find the choice to roll back the hub to an earlier build.

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Yes it worked, thanks. Also can access the RM page.

I found the problem. We'll probably do another hot fix tomorrow.

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