2.0.6 Chromecast / playTrack


Same error as mine
I only signed up to Github to be able to test this, but I think my URL is incorrect

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file:/// is not a valid URL. That will go to your local PC but your hub isn't your local PC is it? Also, you cannot use something like ftp or a direct PC file share (which is Samba) because neither of those protocols are supported by Hubitat or google home either.

If you are trying to use Github, you will need the "raw" url. Any other URL will direct to the web page which won't work. The URL will start with https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ and then the rest of the URL for your repository and the file. You can get this by clicking on the file and then clicking "view raw".


Awesome! Much appreciated. Works like a charm

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I want to cast a radio station in google music when a virtual button is pressed (triggered by motion on one of my camera's in Blue Iris which send the http post to the maker API)

Stumbled across the custom attribute when I realised that my google home isn't classed as a music player in rules.. Now this thread.

I have tried to cast a google home playlist or radio station but I don't think this is possible without a RPi huh? Or I http post to my android box and use autocast to send the radio station to cast.

I chose custom command -> actuator -> playtrack -> and added a string as below


Was hoping casting a radio station was gonna be possible in hubitat without using anything else.


Nope, unfortunately you can't. The issue is that the TTS function of the native google home integration beta uses the "cast" feature itself. So, when it is doing an announcement it is actually casting an MP3 file to the Google home Mini. What you want to do is issue a command to your google home mini to play a specific thing. That's a lot more complicated than it sounds because there is no way for you to do that via software. You have to do it with your voice.


OK thanks.

What I have done now is http post to my android box (through the http bridge rm plugin) to trigger a task. That task then uses autoshare with a play music intent that starts playing a playlist on my android box that has tasker, which then uses autoinput to click the cast button. Seems to work and it is only my automation box so won't interrupt any viewing really... However a few too many steps for something to not always work I guess.


Yeah...I thought maybe you could use Google Assistant Relay in HE to issue the command to stream on another device (like you can with your voice) but unfortunately I don't think that feature is in the Assistant SDK that GAR is based on.


Funny part is that I am so focused on transferring as much as possible away from my android device to hubitat that I could have done all this between my camera PC and the android box. Oh well I am now using the camera pc to http post to the hubitat, the hubitat to http get to the android box, and the android box casting the stream to the google home. Wow what a lot of steps but it works :slight_smile:

I don't think I will be able to retire the android automation box ( utilising tasker, rmplugin for broadlink hubs plus many of the autoapps) just yet. The biggest thing is the rm plugin app on android is needed to bridge hubitat and the broadlink hubs.

But there is still hope the future will have native broadlink support as well as allowing the cast feature like I am doing here = fingers crossed.