2.0.6 Chromecast / playTrack

Anyone have an example of this? I want to push a .mp4 to my HomeHub on an event (motion == play this camera feed) but I don't see how to add the command to the Chromecast device. I don't see anything under "Music Players" and I don't see anything else that would contain chromecast devices in the dropdown...

Help my thick head out and show me how this might work?


You need to create a custom command in RM for the play track command.

Yes, I understand that, but my chromecasts don't show up in any of the device types to test with in step 1 of creating the custom command.. Thus, I can't get past step 1...

When picking attribute pick actuator

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Someday I'll understand why that makes sense I guess.

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Lol can't tell from that. Did you get it sorted. I can sit at the PC and get some screen shots if you need?

Edit. @mike.maxwell. I don't think I've seen it mentioned anywhere. This has been working great for me. Thank you for including it. Goodbye cast-web-api.


It works, I don't understand why I'm selecting actuator though, seems like it'd be under 'Music player' or something.


I do not think these Chromecast devices actually support music player. For whatever reason (I am not sure either). Nearly all devices expose themselves to the actuator capability for custom commands.

I am sure there is some logical reason for it. Lol

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Actuator is basically just a generic catch-all capability/type.

I know it isn't obvious, but it has been used as a catch-all for various things for some time - and not just in hubitat.

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"Not obvious" is correct but I appreciate the help nonetheless!

Hubitat is the sort of platform I somewhat expect to break the not-obvious things, but oh well, it works.

If anyone is wondering, while the doc explicitly spell out MP4 video and MP3 audio support, passing any of the chromecast supported image types works as well, though Motion JPG is not one of them.

Still working on getting audio/video properly formatted from some of my cameras to be accepted by chromecast for the home hub to display.


That'd be cool if you could push a video feed if something happens!
I don't think the Nest Hello automatically pushes video to Chromecast (non Home Hub) devices if the doorbell is pressed.
It'd be interesting to see if you could force that behavior.
I don't have a Chromecast (other than Home Hub) video device, so I'm not sure if that is the actual behavior.
Holding out until Android TV supports Speaker Groups...

It should definitely be possible, caveat being you need something in the middle to convert whatever type of stream the camera puts out (typically RSTP) to HLS. I'm eying this docker: GitHub - gihad/streamer: Converting Streams into HLS for playback on Chromecast devices using FFMPEG + NGINX to just constantly have an HLS stream of each camera available, configure that URL as the parameter for PlayTrack and I believe it will work. I have not yet tried a proper HLS Stream, so I can't say 100%.

hmmmm I'm just starting to get into the video security world.
I don't have the infrastructure for sure.
Plus my devices are two separate cloud devices instead raw video devices. (1 Nest, 1 Wyze)

I did the Defang firmware with the Wyze but it was a bit buggy for my tastes.
Whenever I move the next house will be decked out on the exterior with surveillance...
I want it to be kind of obscure though.

I've been following this thread closely. Hopefully we will have Wyze->GH support soon

Yea I've been watching it on their forum.
I'm more excited for RSTP so I can send it to SharpTools.io dashboard...

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Yea the cloud cameras add a level of complexity, all my stuff is local recording to synology NAS so I have access to the raw RSTP stream pretty easily. I'm not a big fan of having another server sitting there running just to do the video conversion but it will let me trigger otherwise unsupported video being played on a home hub ti might be worth it..

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Agreed. The Wyze was hard to argue with the price.
The Wyze taught me that regular motion detection sucks.
Which lead me to the Nest Hello and it's "Person Detection."
I'm familiar with Synology, does it do human detection?


No, Synology does the bare minimum, but it all runs on my NAS and I don't ever have to fiddle with it so it stays after multiple years of messing about with Blue Iris.

Haha yea I've been looking into Blue Iris as well.
I know what you mean with the beauty of set it and forget it.
There's less and less of that recently.

Thanks for the info.

I am using TinyCam pro with Tasker to stream my Wyze Cam to my GH Hub. Works really well. An HTTP switch turns on in HE triggering tasker to command tinycam to stream the Wyze cam. Then when the HTTP switch turns off it commands tasker to command tinycam to stop.

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