Lockup Overnight

Hi All-
After never having a reliability issue I've had two lockups of the hub after updating to 2.0.6.x. This morning I was thinking enough to actually go look at the historic logs (great addition, obviously!) and this is what was logged:

Any thoughts on how to prevent in the future or more information the team wants?


That looks like a database corruption. You should send a support request to support@hubitat.com

I did indeed open a ticket..


Looks like a Restore of your backup from before the corruption will be needed :frowning:

The great news is.. it's easy and worked astonishingly well.

I've restored once inthe past. As for right now it's all running fine ATM after a reboot, so I'll wait to see what they tell me support ticket wise.


Support is not suggesting DB corruption, but instead pointing at sheer volume of error logging on the system ("producing over a million line of errors in very short period of time") so I'm working with @bobbyD to try to narrow down what sorts of messages are at the root of the problem and get them cleaned up.


Keep us posted on your findings!

As of right now the blame is falling on the Aeotec AEM being paired securely and set to be somewhat spammy, errors being logged from that device driver, errors being logged from a couple other apps.

I fixed all the apps that were spewing errors, turned down the power meters I had on the network a touch, rewrote a few of my apps to have the 'debug enable' option so they didn't spew as much to the logs, repaired the Aeotec V5 in non-secure mode, and we'll see what things look like tomorrow. Also did a zwave repair for good measure.

Well, never got a follow up email from support staff on if the issue was fixed or what to do next so I guess I'll keep going forward until it happens again.