[2.0.1 (237)] local dashboard shortcut, blank screen

When I select the nav bar dashboard link on a local lan connection I get a blank screen with nav bar at the bottom and Green bar with "Dashboard" at the top.. It works as expected with a 5G cloud connection. Hubitat beta version Not sure if this is a Hubitat version or Android app version issue. This did work correctly when I checked a few days ago. Local dashboards work fine from the connect to hub menus.

UPDATE: uninstall and reinstall the mobile app resolved this.

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@bobbyD Has there been any resolution to this. I am still unable to see any dashboards in the new mobile app on the local LAN connection from the dashboard icon. Works fine with the cellular connection. And works local if I "Connect to Hub."

This should have been resolved. What version of the app are you running?

Mobile 2.01

What build? (More >> App Settings)

2.0.1 (239)

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