16 months on and still basic barriers for new HE users remain

I have just received my 3rd HE for testing purposes

Setting it up still has a massive HE killer right in the setup phase.

HE is still asking for a Postal Code and still declaring all valid Post Codes as

"Invalid Postal Code, we support US/UK/Canada Postal Codes. Please enter a valid Postal Code."

Please please please HE gods fix this!!!!!

It is a really bad joke that every new UK user runs into this, the first experience of HE is that it does not work and won't accept the very information it is asking for!!!!

This is bad, really bad for anyone getting into HE and immediately results in buyers remorse.

Please please fix this - it is embarrassing to recommend HE to people then incur their wrath as HE fails to be setup.


It's that way be design. It's so those of us in the UK learn to find this community!

But seriously you're right, that should've been resolved by now. My very first post on this forum was to ask for help with regard to that issue.


We have identified an issue and the next release will (partially) resolve the problem, meaning that customers can use the outward postcode. For example, for NG11 6FD, user will need to enter only NG11.


Well, you asked, they delivered.
I suppose I'll fill in the details. :wink:

Release Available
Changes from
Bug fixes

  • Fixed GB postal codes verification and location fetching.

What version of HE is shipped on the devices today?

Because on the one I bought Monday the issue remains.

You will have to have 2.3.1 or later to see the new Get Started wizard, including this particular hotfix to address this issue. If you're interested in testing, a soft reset (and restore of backup you created beforehand) would do it, assuming you've updated. :slight_smile:

Hubs shipped to new users will likely have older firmware for some time to come.

Isn't the first thing it does/ makes you do is pull the latest update?

Can't believe they may have finally fixed it though :rofl::+1:t2:


Hmm, yeah I forgot the new wizard does that. I don't think the old one did. So, you'd still need a 2.3.1 hub to get this fix (just not necessarily the very latest, assuming you have an Internet connection). Very early hubs shipped with no firmware, just something that would download the latest during initial setup, but every hub has shipped with some firmware for a while now, so I think it just leaves those as an issue for a while to come yet.

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I'm waiting for the option of UK dates to be displayed. Sorting devices by last activity is a pain

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You mean normal dates? Not WTF dates that no-one else uses and don't make any logical sense :rofl:


Nope, only after you have supplied your postcode, which it declares as invalid if you enter any full postcode.

If they just said enter first part of the postcode, SW11 that would be better than asking for the postcode then rejecting it.

My issue here is that HE is better than this, and first impressions are important.

This fundamental first impression is that HE is flakey, and I am embarrassed to tell new users how to circumvent the first setup hurdle, when I do I can hear the eyes rolling ….

Rant over…

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I will.

I have updated the C7 will do a reset and test it :slight_smile:

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Entering the first part of the postcide, AB12, now works with latest release.

Does setup request you enter the first part of the postcode?

If it asks for postcode and chokes if you enter a postcode then HE still has an issue.

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Read post 3.

You did mark it as solved.

"Partial" solution is in, meaning that user must be aware that only outward postcode can be used. Next release (2.3.2) will have the permanent solution that removes the guest work for the users, without the hub choking up on the inward code.


....well we couldn't just leave it partially fixed. The new update addresses the inward postal code. Happy Friday from our engineers.


Perfect thank you

So i’m in the UK and also struggled with entering post codes. After the latest update the error message still came up. I then tried removing the existing lat and long coords manually ( which I had to enter manually in the first place) and then adding the UK post code which then allowed the UK post code to be accepted.