[.130] Severe hub load and more

Updated to .130 and had severe hub load. Settled down a bit after a while but then could not access dashboards in app and webcore would have data base errors and not load.
Tried a reboot but same issue. Had to shut down, power off for a couple minutes and restart. Still had severe load to start with. Regained access to dashboard and webcore and load slowly dropped but still above normal. Seems to have a negative effect on free memory also.

Tagging @gopher.ny.

Can you PM me the hub id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs.

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Can I pm you as well @gopher.ny ?
My hub sits at 0.8% Device stats load and 4.5% Apps stats.. and then suddenly hub load severe and i could not access the dashboard, logs etc, i had to unplug the hub, and once it restarted, then after 10 minutes the load etc was back to normal App load 4%... And i don't know how to figure out why the hub load was severe in the first place!.. i want to know what makes the hub load severe, in spite of device and app stats showing less that 2 and 5% load respectively!

I've been tracking this issue too since upgrading to a C8 (currently running 131). It looks like issues I've seen with JVM containers that exhaust heap and end up in aggressive GC loops. As free memory approaches 200,000 cpu load has a tendency to increase, and once it drops below that point I end up with severe warnings and end up having to reboot.

cpu/mem graph

I'm having this issue as well running --- after rebooting the issue clears for a bit, but comes back again within a day or so. I've looked at the Device and App stats, but the "% of busy" numbers do not seem to be bad.


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@gopher.ny, would I be able to PM you my Hub ID for additional assistance?

This issue is still occurring on my device, and I haven't found any additional information as to why this is happening. Note, I have since updated my hub to, and the issues persists.

I have a similar issue. It's a bit mysterious why the hub could suddenly have a huge CPU step jump. It appears it went into some infinite loop or retries of something.

I had to reboot after. In the log / app page, I don't see much usage from the apps or devices.

Firmware version:

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