12V Adapter in Smart Plug won't work

I want to monitor the power of a device that is plugged into a smart plug via a 12V Mains adapter. The problem I have is that whenever I plug in the device to the smart plug it will not work. The device only uses around 12 watts so it very low power but I can't understand why it won't work when plugged into a smart plug that is switched on.

I have tried an old SmartThings plug and an INNR plug as they both have power reporting, but the device simply won't work when plugged in either of these.

Has anyone seen this before ?

I have several 5-12V power supplies plugged into my Zigbee smart plugs. For example, I have my Echo Alexa devices operating that way. If Alexa loses WiFi connection for more than 15 minutes, Hubitat will automatically turn off the power to the plug and then turn it back on 30 seconds later to reboot the Alexa device.

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The INNR plug - which unit do you have? None of mine do power reporting... what driver goes with that? I'm interested in hearing more - I have some 3rd reality units the do power reporting but they are spamming. some recent discussions about new FW finally coming out but the initial report isn't glowing - I myself haven't checked it so can't comment at the moment.

I'm not sure on the version, but I was just using the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.

I will try another device that uses a 12V adapter. Perhaps it's just that one device that will not work for some strange reason.

The Innr 234 does power reporting (the smaller 224 does not). The 234 hasn't been available for quite a while, and I see now amazon is out of the 224 too. Strange...

The 234 had a network-dropping firmware issue at release, but Innr has since patched it. I have 2 234s and a bunch of 224s -- they've been great performers for me.