121 to 123 falling on my C7’s

Both of my C7’s are getting stuck in the “checking for update” process - rebooting doesn’t seem to help:

Any ideas?
@bobbyD @gopher.ny

Do you have a static IP or other network configuration set manually on the hub? If so, make sure your DNS servers are set correctly (put something correct there even if it looks like there already is something--I've seen someone report in the past that the defaults weren't saved, even if it looks like they were, though I don't know if that's still the case). Use the "Network Test" tool in the upper right to make sure you can ping cloud.hubitat.com as one way to test if this might be your problem.

I don’t, it’s all done via reserved IP’s supplied via DHCP.

Hmm, I do seem to have a network issue. I can’t access my hub externally.

Edit: I wonder if there is a Hubitat cloud issue ATM. I get this from both my fibre connected network and via the mobile network.

Well that was weird, turns out my router was in a strange state. I had to power cycle it to fix the issue.

Spoke too soon, all the cloud features are working again, except OTA updates.

@mike.maxwell @bcopeland is there a Hubitat cloud service issue ATM?

I’m not getting notifications and can’t check for updates on my hubs. All my other services are working and the Hubitat network tests all pass.

Ps, in not exactly short on bandwidth ATM via my FTTP service:

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Ah FFS, I went digging through my Router logs and discovered my Synology Threat Prevention module was seeing "suspicious activity" coming from my C7's and blocking it! :man_facepalming:

There must have been Threat Prevention database update that was a little too paranoid!


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Lol, yeah pretty much! :crazy_face: