11 hours (and counting) for z-wave OTA update - is this normal?

I started the OTA update on a Zooz ZEN27 around 2AM.
Is is now 1PM and it is still at 74%. I know it is not stuck, it is just moving extremely slow.
This particular switch is just a couple of feet away from the hub (C7).

I have to assume this is not normal.
Anny feedback is appreciated.

Depends on how you define normal. Others have reported similar slowness. I have seen similar slowness when updating my Zooz ZEN16 and various Aeotec range extenders, contact switches, and recessed door switches. It can be mitigated somewhat (down to 1/2 hour or so) by bringing the hub within a couple of feet or so of the device being updated.

Two points:

  1. All Zooz devices seem to need an Exclude, Factory Reset, Include after being updated. Bryan Copeland has remarked that this is necessary because the in, out clusters change as Zooz adds features.

  2. You can dramatically speed up the process by using a Z-Wave USB stick and SiLabs PC Controller software (part of the free SiLabs Simplicity Studio software suite) instead of the built-in Firmware Updater.

Your real excitement is yet to come, when you get to the end, the update fails, and you get to start over. Been there, done that.

I’ve seemed to have better luck with the OTA update process if I reboot the hub just before doing the update.

As the saying goes, when the dog sings opera, don’t complain about his pitch.

This is crazy. By the way, about 12 hours in and at 80% (as of now).

The first one I did was about 1/2 hour and the device was about 8 feet from the hub.
This one is about 12 feet. The distance is linear, they are basically on the same wall, 4 feet apart. I guess it is possible these additional 4 feet are making all the difference on signal strength.

I do have a Zooz stick that I don't use for anything.
But does it mean I have to exclude the switch from HE? That would be a pain if it is associated to a bunch of automation and stuff.

When I did the first one it stopped responding to HE.
Then I went to Settings/Z-Wave Details and clicked the Refresh button for the device I believe (not sure if it was Refresh or Repair). Then more buttons showed up and one was Replace. I believe I pressed the Replace button or something like this and it worked, it started responding again.

At the time I thought it was like a built in solution to prevent one from having to actually exclude/include a device, which could be painful depending on how you are using it. But I was just guessing, I'm just starting to experiment with HE :sunglasses:

How is this device included ?.. No security/S0/S2 ?

FYI if the device is included as S0 only I would never attempt a firmware update, there are a ton of packets needed to transfer the firmware and each firmware packet requires a minimum of 2 additional packets..

S2 included devices have more overhead and thus must send smaller sized firmware chunks.. (more packets)

It also depends on how busy your mesh is, by design it slows down if there is traffic on the network..

Not busy at all.
I'm just starting to experiment with HE so I only migrated 3 z-Wave switches, one z-wave light bulb, added rachio and ecobee. I don't have any automations running and these 3 switches and one light bulb are on that corner of the house where no one goes but me.

S2 I guess - based on the device's page:


Yes.. that is S2 Unauthenticated

Yea, but signal drops as square of distance for spherical radiation

Take this all FWIW (prob not much!); the only thing I've updated so far is one of my Aeotec 7 extenders (from 1.01 to 1.03)... I have 4 of those happily using S2, but one shipped with 1.01.

The only way I could get the firmware progress to advance was to exclude, rejoin w/ no security (all boxes unchecked), then update... Then it went well - not very fast, but it was all at least steady progress.

After update, I excluded and rejoined back with S2, and no problems since.

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