100 watt equivilant (1600lm) bulb recommendation

I'm looking for recommendations for a 100 watt equivalent zigbee or zwave dimmable smart bulb. It's for use in a room where we watch TV and the wife reads. We currently have a 60 watt equivalent bulb but it is not bright enough for my wife to read and she often turns on the ceiling lights. It would be controlled by Hubitat apps for simple on/off and Google Assistant for on/off and light output control. Multi color would be OK but white light must be bright.

Philip$ makes a 1600lm 17W Hue.


The hue ones work great! I had the same exact issues in my living room and combined two of them in a lamp with this adaptor so that we could read without the overhead light:



This is the one that I use.

Sengled Smart LED Extra Bright Daylight A19 Bulb

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I use Jasco xigbee dimmers to run whatever light light bulb I need.

If you don't need color control, just use a 100W A19 LED bulb and a plugin dimmer.


The Philips "Wiz" bulbs are much cheaper. FYI.

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The colour of light can also have an effect on readability of text. It also has an effect on car headlights. A certain road I often travel has a spot that's always foggy.. Incandescent (yellowish) light - 20mph safe speed.. LED sealed beams (daylight white) - 60mph safe speed..

So you might try a light frequency towards the bluish/whiter side of the band for reading, but it doesn't help with your melatonin levels.. IE how easy it is to sleep. Yellowing the colour of LED bulbs as afternoon /evening progresses can help with sleep..

Thanks to all who responded. I went with a Sengled Smart LED Extra Bright. Haven't tried it yet but it is 1500 lumens and dimmable via Google Assistant so my wife can adjust it to her needs.


Probably a good choice since the Philips 1600W is larger than their 60/75w. I bought one to try on the front outdoor upright fixtures. It was a no go. at 5.2 inches tall, it was too far up and hardly any light would show. The 60/75w are 4.4 inches. That is even a little too tall.

My Fixture:image

I have been happy with these for a bright LED dimmable light. 3000K is a good color compromise for us. Energetic A21 150W equivalent ]https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KG8B4X8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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