1 Rule - Double Tap Dimmer sets level to 100, applies to list of dimmers

I would like to make a single rule, that if button 2 pushed (double tap on Inovelli Red series dimmers), set dimmer to 100%

I want this to apply to a list of dimmers, so I would like to reference the device that triggered the rule, to be the device that is set to 100%.. is that possible with Rule Machine?

nope. That is multiple different triggers to control multiple different loads, i don't even think this could be done in a app without multiple different childs (could be wrong on the last bit). Your need to create a rule per device.

if you wanted 1 double click to turn on and set a loads of dimmers to 100% that is possible.

argh, that is very unfortunate, need to make 30+ rules, one for each dimmer, exactly the same. Royal PITA

i just i can consider modifying the driver, being open source, to have a flag to can watch for double tap up and set level to 100% and do it in the driver vs rules..

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you can clone rules if that helps

Isn't the built in 'Mirror' app designed to do exactly this? I'm a newbie so I could be wrong.

No mirror "mirrors" the changes from one device to others.

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