What was changed in the update?


Ah good I was wondering if I was going crazy.


I bet Google home and Alexa Contact sensor integration!


Well I updated. I do not see anything different


Is there any new on what this update includes?


notes should be out soon, but a host of application bug fixes.


A small update was pushed: This update only addressed a problem with Button Controller old automations (BC-1.5) losing some settings.


In RM, capturing the state of Hue bulbs is not working. The error from the logs:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'call' is not supported by device. (allHandler)


Are these Hue bulbs paired directly to HE?, or are they Hue bulbs paired to a hue bridge using our Hue integration...


Bulbs are connected via Hue bridge and Hubitat Hue integration app


Ok cool, I'll have a look, thanks.