Zwave ZW4101 GE Outlet

Has anyone had success getting these added?

Yes, I have a one in use. Not certain it is exactly 4101, but similar GE outlet. Also have the similar GE outlet lamp control (dimmer).

Is there a way to do a super hard reset? I got them off ST but hubitat will not find them and I have them plugged in 5 feet from the hub.

I’ve always had trouble with these getting them reset. All I can suggest is to do the exclude from ST or Hubitat again. If you have a Minimote, use that because you can tell from the red led when the exclude takes.

Wow, these ZW4101s are a pain. I've been trying for hours. Used the Minimote, Smartthings, and Hubitat to exclude. (Minimote and Hubitat seemed to work.) But as for then actually discovering them with Hubitat - fail - every - time. I even had success re-discovering it with Smartthings after all that, then going through all the exclusion mess again, and still no luck with Hubitat inclusion.

As for getting them to exclude... I tried all the crazy voodoo steps that various people have espoused around the internet - seems like holding down the button for a full minute gave me some success, and then wouldn't work next time. My pattern matching skills are growing weary.

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