Zwave Zombie Node

The Windows version is the only one that will allow you to download the PC Controller "tool." And that's the tool you need. I have successfully used both 4 and 5. The documentation says version 4 is easier to install and use, for what that's worth.

Out of curiosity which stick do you have?

I am playing with Parallels now with my Homeseer stick trying to get it recognized.


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Thanks for help everybody. I managed to get the node removed via the SiLabs Studio and Z-Wave stick. I had to move the hub closer to get it to pair. I repaired the Z-wave after the node was taken out.

Hopefully automation will work better.

Definitely something to keep hidden so as not to influence WAF issues.


Give it a day or two to settle down. Ironically a full zwave repair on the C7 is not recommended...

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Yea I read that. We shall see!

And at least you have the zwave stick and software ready should it be needed again.


I'm getting the same message when I try to remove a ghost node:

Before attempting to remove the node I turned off the breaker to the switch, shutdown the hub, moved it closer to the switch and booted back up. After multiple attempts I haven't been able to get it removed. On a another attempt I got this log message:

I was thinking to restore an older backup of my hub that doesn't contain the ghost but I think my oldest backup still has the ghost.

This issue resulted in a soft reset of my hub and I'm concerned it will continue to happen if I can't get rid of this node.

@bob8 can you link the stick you used?

Actually you want the communication to fail in this instance, the

 0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list

message is saying that the hub received a response from the device, so it can't remove it as a failed device.

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This is what I see now:
2021-09-15 08:50:12.934 am Failed node 0F remove status: no reply
2021-09-15 08:50:02.940 am Z-Wave Network responded with Busy message

Does that indicate a communication failure? Or should there be no log entry at all when communication fails?

The no reply in this instance is what we're looking for, the network busy is problematic, try hitting refresh a couple more times to see if you get the Remove option.

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I'm seeing the original message:

Failed node 0F remove status: 0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list

I'll keep trying but it seems the z-wave stick may be my only option.

Looks like the node still has power, could it be another node further down the list from 0X0F?

I think it's because I turned the breaker back on.

So I noticed the last item on my list does not have a route:

That is the replacement device for the ghost node. Is that problematic?

If the bottom device is working I wouldn't worry about it not showing at the moment, if we can get the ghost removed then a refresh on the device should fix that.

Anyone know if this Aeotec Gen 5 will get the job done to remove those pesky ghost nodes?

I have successfully used that stick to remove them…

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Yes this will work fine I have that same model - it's nice because with the internal battery you can walk around with it and do device exclusions (and no-security inclusions as well apparently).

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Okay nice. That's handy because after a recent HE firmware update I can only add Zooz switches as s2 unauthenticated.

The internal battery is especially useful because I found out that my Dell XPS 17 which arrived yesterday doesn't have USB A ports.

I found heavy duty aluminum foil around the hub cut all communication. Was easier than the breaker (for me). I shutdown added foil, rebooted (probably not needed)


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