Zwave switch manual on not seen by hub

Just trying out Hubitat as an alternative to ST. I have ST setup with about 120 devices developed over 8 years. Selected 3 old in wall GE Zwave devices to test. all were working correctly. All three are within about 10 ft from the C8 hub. Selecting one about 3 ft from the hub as an example.

The device is an old ge relay switch zw4001 (no paper tag with another number). It installed as a Generic Zwave Switch. I created a tile as a switch. The GE switch turns on and the tile shows "ON" when activated from a dashboard. (Off works correctly also). Indications are as expected when activated by a rule also.

THE PROBLEM. If you activate the switch manually tile indication never changes.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

ZWave devices that are old and those that aren't ZWave Plus don't report status. That was due to a fear of a Lutron Patent back in those days. ZWave Plus used a different method as well as the patent expired.

ST does a poll and so the status is picked up as a result. Hubitat doesn't poll generically and thus the physical status is never seen. There are 3 solutions.. 1) start the ZWave Poller as a built-in app. 2) place the switches where they are unlikely to need a physical touch. 3) replace them with Plus devices.

Obviously 1) will get you quick satisfaction. However, it puts a load on the Hub. It put a load on the ST hub as well, but it's not doing much since so much is done out in the cloud. Over time you'll pressure yourself to try out 2) or 3) I predict. :smiley:

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Of course this is changing. So the effect of polling will be felt on that platform as well - especially for those users who make heavy use of automation.

Thank you for your clear answer and alternative solutions.

One of my complaints with ST is continued slow response even after going through the driver upgrade last year. Maybe Zwave polling is a contributing factor slowing ST response. Currently I have been using SharpTools to improve automation response time, (and allow better automation logic).

I am still experimenting and likely will upgrade important switches.