Zwave Routing is just wacky

These 3 switches are all Zooz Zen 26 in same gang box installed at same time but go different routes back to hub, report different speeds and are working great so no complaints.

Anti social? :wink:

How close are they together? My experience is that if you place plugs too close to each other, for instance next to each other in the same extension cord) they tend to do this. I have had this behavior with my Neo Coolcam plugs too. Since i put them apart about half a meter they are working fine.

I suspect it is because they use each other for a route and thus keep changing routes or they interfere signals with each other.

They are switches in same gang box so no opportunity to separate. They are working fine; I just thought it was interesting.

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Interesting is one way to put it. I have always marveled at how some things route. I have a sensor that is 38" away from the hub with line of sight and it routes through a repeater 2 rooms away. There is also a repeater in the same room as the hub.

Ok. really stupid question. How do you see how your devices are routing?

It's in Zwave Settings if you have new C7 hub

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Speaking of wacky...

So Light 1 routes HUB - Light 2 - Light 1
But Light 2 routes HUB - Kitchen Plug (1D) - Light 2

So light 1 goes through light2 but light 2 isn't direct to the hub yet the routing to light 1 is? That just seems nuts. I'd think, based on looking at light 1's routing that light 2 would just be direct from the hub. Go figure.

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And now just 4 hours later with no reboots and no zwave repair and no changes of any kind just the hub running:

So now:
HUB - Light 2
HUB - Light 2 - Light 1 but the speed to light 1 is now 9.6kbps and it was 100 with the funky routing?

Good thing I don't need to figure out why it does this.