ZWave Poller -- unable to select any devices from the dropdowns

We moved and I updated from a C5 to a C7, so I'm starting from scratch. I added ZWave Poller because I have several old devices which don't report physical changes. These devices were previously configured with ZWave Poller and it worked great.

With the C7 hub I'm now unable to select any devices, though I have at least 3 which should be selectable. What should I be doing that I'm not?

One such device is a GE by Jasco ZW4101 Small Appliance module (a smart plug). It identifies with Hubitat and gets assigned a Generic ZWave Outlet driver.

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On my C7, my Z-Wave non-plus devices do show up in the Z-Wave poller. Not sure what would cause yours not to appear.

Have you tried removing and adding the app?

Yeah good question. I originally added the app before pairing the old Z-Wave devices, but after it failed to find any devices once paired I did remove and reinstall the app. I also looked around in settings for the app for anything which would cause it to fail but there's not really anything in there.

Do you have any devices paired which are running with the "Generic Z-Wave Outlet" driver?

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I do. I was unable to poll them on my C-5, and cannot poll them on my C-7. AFAIK, Z-wave poller has only worked with dimmer and switches.

If you change the driver to "Generic Z-wave switch", you will be able to poll that device.


Well that was easy enough. Swapping drivers to "Generic Z-Wave Switch" made it work. Seems a silly distinction but what do I know. Thanks!

Here's the rationale:

Outlets are very rarely physically turned on or off. Ergo, the outlet's state is almost always controlled by the Hub, and therefore the Hub doesn't need updates vis-a-vis device state (because the state recorded by the hub almost always matches the device's state).

In contrast, dimmers and switches may be readily controlled by the paddle potentially causing a lack of synchronization between the device's actual state and the state recorded by the hub, So polling is very useful in this instance.

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I suppose that makes sense. These two outlets have buttons on them -- and because they control the christmas lights, kids that press the buttons... :laughing:

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Found similar whilst setting up a new HE system using some older z-wave devices.
Non of my devices showed up as available in the poller-app.
Changing their driver to "generic switch" in order to get them appear in the poller app was not an option for all as it would lose certain functionality where that device was more than just an on/off device.

As a work around, i created a simple "refresh states" on an interval schedule, which should work for any device.

You determine how often the state is "polled" or refreshed.
Anyone know how quickly or how often the z-wave poller app updates HE?

I don't know the exact numbers but saw someone (not staff) mention a while back that they saw 15-second intervals with Z-Wave Poller. I do recall that it is supposed to back down if it doesn't hear back from the device, likely a feature intended to prevent your Z-Wave network from freaking out (and contributing to further unhappiness) with these repeated requests if something is wrong with the device or network, so the interval may not actually be the same for everybody in all cases.

If your devices don't appear in the Z-Wave Poller app, the driver the hub chose on pairing means it's probably not necessary for those devices. The other possibility is that the wrong driver was matched. I'd check the List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation to see if your device/model can be found there and whether you're using the recommended driver.

That being said, a rule would certainly work too and gives you more flexibility, aside from the "backing down" the Poller app is supposed to do if there are problems.

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