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I added zwave poller app, yet none of my switches and dimmers show up from the drop down selector, both fields are showing no devices, I have over 30 zwave outlets, and a few dimmers? Any tricks to getting this to work? I went to this for a possible solution as I have a V1 Zooz Siren, it works and is paired fine, but doesn't show up on any logs for days if not triggered?

This works only with z wave non plus devices, if the hub chose the generic z wave switch/dimmer driver then it's a non plus device, if it chose the generic z wave smart switch/dimmer then it's a plus model.

Why you want logs for a siren? It should have nothing anyway until you use it. What driver the siren is using?

Well that answers it as I'm pretty sure everything I have is zwave plus, including that siren. It's using the Generic Zwave Smart Switch driver, I believe it (if I remember right) it didn't select this one upon pairing but I couldn't get it to work with what it paired with, it works fine with the Generic Zwave Smart Switch driver.

I was wanting to see the polling, because this is a powered repeater that I have outdoors, to repeat the signal to my mailbox sensor over 100ft away.....just wanted to be able to verify it's still communicating without having to actually test it to verify as siren's are annoying lol.

That is going to totally kill the battery life of that sensor. Polling or refreshing it constantly is definitely not a good idea. There's a reason devices go to "sleep"'s to conserve battery power.

And even if the repeater is powered and it's connected, why would it drop off? Unless you're making a whole bunch of changes to your network. It it's powered and a repeater it should check in a lot more often and you should see that on the device activity page.

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The sensor I'm not worried about polling, it's the powered (non-battery) siren

Hence the "purpose" of this post and trying to see if poller would work as NO events have occurred in 4 days And as you can see from the screenshot the ONLY events showing there is when I triggered it on/off.

Poller is designed to update HE for local changes to Z-wave non-plus devices. That's it. Does your Powered Siren even have a "Poll" command on the device edit page? You can write a rule in RM to refresh the device if you want. That should log a new activity with the device which you can see on the device's "Last Activity". Last Activity will be any activity with the device, not just events.

This is what I have on there

Look down just a little further to device details.


Yes....but first you have to refresh the device. You see that command "Refresh". Click it. And don't forget, that info does not update dynamically. You'll have to refresh the page to see the new Last Activity date/time.

Now I have this siren4 you see how the last activity date/time changed? Right there in front of you!

Right, but I was wanting this to poll automatically in the log, like all my other repeaters do?


And can you show me the logs you're talking about?

So that I can verify they are communicating with the hub, without having to physically test them, merely looking at the logs verify's this, plus it's the only repeater that does not.

The logs screenshot posted in comment #11 is the ONLY logs for this device of any recent days

What difference does it make if you have to go into the logs to hunt for it or if you have to hit the refresh button? You're still doing in manually.

And if you are talking about z-wave non-plus devices...the reason they are being polled is because they are non-plus and if there are any changes locally (like turning on a z-wave non-plus light switch) that will not be updated in HE until the device is polled. That's what z-wave poller is for.

Now, I've shown you a way you can get the same functionality with the same number of clicks. Why you want to do that, I don't know. But the way I showed you can be automated. You can use RM to automatically Refresh the device every so many hours and then use an app like device watchdog to compare the "last activity date/time to see if it's still communicating. That way you don't have to do it by hand. This is after all an AUTOMATION platform.

But if neither of those is good enough, then I'm fresh out of ideas. And what I asked for was the logs of these other repeaters polling. But I think we've covered that.

Hubitat is not going to redesign an app to do something you shouldn't really have to do in the first place. Polling devices unnecessarily slows down your network. That's why z-wave poller is restricted to non-plus devices. It polls them too frequently to be useful for any other purpose.

Actually, it's not.....Clicking on devices, searching for the device, clicking again on the device to select it, then clicking again on refresh, then clicking again on "refresh of the browser page" is nowhere close to the same as clicking on logs, then past logs, and looking at the list of devices that have logged at which at a glance easily verify's what you instructed with your 4 click method

I'm not nowhere did I state this was a non-zwave plus device. in fact answer that previously

Nor did I ever mention such to occur, you really should not put words in peoples mouths when "offering help", if this is your process please do not offer me your help, The "Purpose" of this post was to establish WHY one device is NOT having the same activity as ALL others in the same category do, Yes I "can" create a rule to "solve" my issue, except I first should verify "IF" the issue can be solved WITHOUT creating a special rule for one device IF it's not needed

Because after all

And every other device IS automated in this process........

I have 5 devices selected in the Z-wave poller app. It runs fine for several days and then stops polling. I have to stop polling and re-start. This happens every few days. What could be causing it to stop?

I have the same issue as j175. The poller stops working after a few weeks and needs to be restarted for it to begin working. Is there a fix for this?

I made a rule that stops the polling every 2 hours. Waits 30 seconds and the restarts polling. That has worked for me.

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