Zwave Performance on C7 is buggy and slow. Seems to be on both 2.2.3 and now (even more?) on 2.2.4

One month new to Hubitat and walked right into the C7 issues. Zwave devices are not working all that well. I am seeing issues where battery powered door contacts (Aeotec) and motion detectors (Fibaro & one other) are intermittently not registering as changing states on the hub. They show as 'OK' on the Zwave network screen but just not always working. Not really sure about any wired devices.

I am a (legal :slight_smile: ) immigrant from ST so I use Webcore. I have simple Pistons turning on lights using these sensors and when they were not working I went to the hub to see if the sensors were registering state changes and sometimes they were not which was the cause of the lights to not go on. And then sometimes they do just work. I want to say most of the time but many times they do not.

I dot notice on the Zwave details page that the Mesh does not make a lot of sense. I only have a 1800 sf house and some of the plugged in Zwave Jasco switches bounce to another switch before going to the Hub which physically just does not make much sense. All Zwave Plus so I have not done a Zwave Repair because I have heard it should do it itself? And they all show 'OK' anyway.

It seems as though others are seeing the same general thing? I dont know if I am adding any benefit to the support side of the Community by posting this but if someone has any ideas on what I can do to help this by providing more info please let me know. Or if the boyz @ Hubitat already know about it and just need to work on this problem and they dont need any additional info from me to do so that would be nice to know as well.

I sent an email to Hubitat Support yesterday as well.