Zwave.parse question / error


So I am working on porting over the Qubino RGBW controller device handler from ST. I am getting a weird error I don't understand.

Can anyone shed some light why I am getting that error from the zwave.parse command? Am I just missing something simple (happens a lot), or is it a platform issue?

I am getting a zwave message description like:

zw device: 49, command: 3304, payload: 00 57

In my def parse(String description) event, when I do this:

def cmd = zwave.parse(description)

I get this error:

org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'null' with class 'null' to class 'short'. Try 'java.lang.Short' instead on line 717 (parse)


What version of switch color does that device support?
Just off hand without specifying the command class version we will attempt to parse it with version 3, which probably is expecting more payload bytes...


You know that the built-in Fibaro RGBW (beta) driver works with the Qubino RGBW, right?

It throws 3 errors (a red, a blue, a green) but they are harmless, apparently.


@csteele You are right. The fibaro driver works OK. No scene support, no 4 switch modes, a few errors, etc. I played with it all afternoon. That is my fallback.

@mike.maxwell That's probably it. I figured it was something silly I missed. I think the device supports V2. I'll play with it some more.


You can pull the class versions using the basic zwave tool...


I just did that, it is v2.

Specifying V2 cleared the error. Can't believe I missed that. :frowning:


@JasonJoelOld Any updates on the Qubino RGBW driver you were working on? I'm debating porting the ST driver as well but figured I check in to see your progress. Thanks in advance for your time and help.


My qubino device died after only 10 days... So I never finished it.


That's a shame! I installed 2 a month ago and they're going strong. Any final words of wisdom before I embark on my attempt?