Zwave node that I can't remove

I have this entry....

The Zwave log ....

I don't know what that is. I've tried REFRESH to see if I can get the option to REMOVE but no joy. REPAIR also does nothing nor does DISCOVER.

What's next?

In some cases, there is a need to hit refresh many times until the remove button comes-up.

Do you have the latest platform version? Some additional logging was added to removing defective nodes.

Not the very latest but I'll try that. So frustrating.

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It’s a known issue and the good news is that Brian is looking at it.

Can't get the option to REMOVE to come up. I've clicked on REFRESH dozens of time.

What happens if you click on “Discover” instead?

The really weird thing is the Zwave log shows:

Device 31 is the one I see but 37 isn't even assigned I have no clue what that is. And those messages repeat multiple times on a REFRESH.


And I've clicked it multiple times too.

If you haven’t already, try shutting down the hub, then unplugging it for a minute or so and then re-starting it.

I have a house full right now I'll need to try that later but it's on the list.

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I know lots of people have success removing a ghost device by repeatedly hitting refresh then delete. Not me. I found it too frustrating and always use this method:

How to Remove Ghost Device

At first glance all those steps look very time-consuming and a bit scary but it works

Ya no joy on that option. Did a power off and back on and it's still there. I also have a non-responsive motion sensor that I'm now trying to figure out as well. When it rains eh?

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Spoke too soon. Finally got a REMOVE on the ghost. Man talk about stubborn. Thanks.


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