Zwave mesh problem

I'm experiencing some weird problems with my zwave installation.

Take a look at my zwave mesh:

Hi have these 16 devices right now, 13 of them located on the same floor as the hub. I'm a recent owner of zwave devices, so I don't understand some things:

  • Why am I not able to control device 0x0B when I can perfectly control device 0x0F which is farther from the hub?
  • But if I physically change the status of that device, the hub is receiving the status changed message. How does this makes sense at all?
  • How can I change the security to NONE? That would improve the communication right?
  • 0x10 and 0x11 are both Qubino flush shutters but that have different Security. Knowing that I did the same pairing procedure how is that possible?
  • Also, some times I got a device with status PENDING, I run the repair and it completes successfully but after that the node is still PENDING.
  • Finally I don't understand some routing as they are connected with farther devices when they have closer ones to connect, but I guess that is some kind of zwave magic that I don't need to understand right?

I would love these questions to be answered cause I am in the beginning/middle of my zwave journey and I'm even considering changing my hub as a desperate measure.


Yup. This is the major problem - all those S0 paired devices. Right now, they only way to do pair them with no security is using a secondary controller paired to Hubitat (like a UZB3 or UZB7 stick).


16 devices x 3 for the S0 overhead = 48 device equivalents. Shouldn't be a problem, using that math. :smiley: Presumably I could be off by a factor of 3 and still be less than an 'advisory' 150 devices.

On the other hand, that's exactly the reply I was forming too. :smiley:

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Are you asking why the hub is not directly routing to device 0x0B, or do you really mean you can't control it via the hub at all?

I can't control it via hub :open_mouth:

However, the hub receives the status updates when I physically click the switch

Note: all my devices are Zwave Plus :triumph:

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This can do the job?


Yes. Along with PC-Controller.

Tagging @danabw, so he can add a link to his really detailed, yet clear, write-up on how to use PC-Controller to remove ghosts, pair new nodes etc.


Awwww [blush]. :wink:

Here is the Ghostbuster's Guide. :slight_smile:


Thanks @danabw ! Anyway, why is the same kind of device, same brand (0x10 and 0x11), paired with different Security setting?

Regarding the other things besides Security, do you guys have any ideas?

I have seen that sometimes a device will pair with no security if there was some sort of issue with the inclusion process - maybe it's corrupted or incomplete in some way. Notice that the network speed is slower than most of the others at 9.6. It's hard to tell though. I would consider removing and pairing that one again as well.

As far as other suggestions - pair the devices with no security first and then other issues if there are any will be more apparent.

All those S0 devices caught my eye too. There is a lot of traffic overhead with them. You'd be better off to exclude them, then re-include but uncheck the security checkbox during pairing.

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Hi guys,

I spent the whole weekend reconfiguring my zwave mesh. This is the result:

I followed the best practices on how to build a solid zwave mesh. Globally, I feel that everything is working as expected, though sometimes there is a considerable delay.

There are some 9.6kbps connections, would that be a problem? Also, do you think that adding another hub could improve the mesh?

I still have my UZB Stick paired, should I remove it now?

Thanks for your help along my recent journey on zwave :slight_smile:

I think you should let it settle for a few more days to see where the routing ends up. If you keep having issues report back. I don't think you need 2 hubs right now - indeed the general consensus at HE is multiple hubs are usually not required.

edit: keep in mind slowness/delay can be caused by other things like apps and drivers as well. Even though 9.6 is "slow" it is still within spec.

Although the devices are responding quite good, there one thing I can't understand still. I've noticed that sometimes the devices send a huge amount of consecutive power reports, when the report interval is 8hours.

Do you know why is this happening?

Also, the farther devices seem to have a particular problem: when I switch them on for 2 seconds and then switch them off, it usually takes a lot of time to respond to the second instruction. Does it have a logic explanation?