ZWave Logs and Details

I'm seeing items on my zwave logs that don't exist in my zwave details pages. I'm wondering if I'm reading the logs wrong, or if there's a discrepancy. A little backstory, I loaded up about 25 zwave devices about a week ago, then was having issues with the hub hanging or not responding to commands, and then did a full zwave radio reset.
Now my plan is to include devices ONE at a time and thoroughly test the system for stability between each inclusion in hopes of weeding out the device that is causing issues.

Right now I have only 6 devices. The logs show multiple lines talking to "06" and "0F", neither of which are on the details page and shouldn't exist. Is it possible that even after the full zwave radio reset these devices are still talking to the hub? What else could be happening?

Yes. If the devices have not been reset or excluded, they may continue sending reports to the hub.