Zwave Light Switch--No AC power

Looking for a zwave switch that will fit where an existing light switch is? Needs to be wireless(No AC Pwr) and i will use the hub to control my smart light bulbs. The reason I'm asking is I have some light switches in my house that don't have a neutral in the switch box, and I'm unable to convert them to a smart switch. I want to remove my existing 120Vac light switch and cap the wires off, and mount this switch in its place.

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All switches require AC power because that is what they are designed to do, switch AC power on and off. What you are looking for is a button controller. There are several different options available depending on what region of the world you are located in.

I think Lutron switches would do what you want but you would need the Lutron hub to integrate them into Hubitat I believe.

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As @Ryan780 mentioned there are plenty of options, but they're all going to be Zigbee, not Z-Wave (The exception being Lutron Pico, which as @Terk mentioned required you purchase a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro. It's a small in consequential bridge, but it does cost between $80 and $120 depending on where and when you buy it. However, once you do that, you can put Pico remotes into standard Decora wall plates for about $20 each ($15 for the remote, $5 for the mounting adapter. Awesome little remotes. Responsive, support smooth dimming when the light supports it, can be programmed to control anything that is attached to HE, 10 year battery life and readily available.

Any particular style switch you're trying to match?

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These do require a neutral...

You have a few different options. (Button devices are only one of them, but something you can consider if you a way of covering the switch or convincing people besides yourself to not use them, or if it's the rare kind that fit into/over an existing plate/switch.) The Ecolink TLS-ZWAVE5 fits over an existing toggle switch and phyiscally moves it for you, effectively acting as a no-rewiring-needed smart switch. They make similar models for rocker switches and dual-gang setups. See here for more: Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch – Ecolink Intelligent Technology

ThirdReality makes something similar, but you said Z-Wave, and these are Zigbee. Still, Hubitat supports both protocols, so if you're interested, I can't find a manufacturer website, but one of their products is here:

It sounds like you're OK with minimal re-wiring (capping line and load together), and in that case you have a couple more options, but none I'm aware of are Z-Wave. There is another Zigbee remote, the Eria Dimmer. This can work standalone or replace an existing switch if you cap everything beneath. You could also use a Lutron Pico remote, which supports a similar setup--I assume that is what was suggested in the third post, though vaguely since Lutron also makes a variety of in-wall/wired switches and dimmers. The Pico remotes are cheap, but they're neither Zigbee nor Z-Wave; they use a proprietary protocol, and as stated above, you'll need Lutron's Smart Bridge Pro (starting around $88 from the cheapest sources) to integrate them with Hubitat.

There are a few models of caseta switches and dimmers that work well without a neutral.

Also there’s a cooper z-wave wireless button controller that looks mostly like a normal dimmer. I used to use one with my ST hub but it’s been quite a while since I switched to Caseta so I’m not sure if it’s still available.

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I think @Terk meant the remotes, since @vogtjason13 wants to cap the hot and load to control smart bulbs.

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Thanks for the feedback and all the options! Yes it can be z-wave or zigbee. I think i will be going with the Eria Dimmer. Hopefully they offer a double gang cover for 2 Eria Dimmers.

Ouch. Well if you're looking for something more stylish and you're OK with the community driver and just adding a few IKEA Trådfri Outlets or dedicated repeaters, then these Aqara are much nicer looking. Claim 3 year battery life, and the community driver supports multiple presses and combinations of both buttons.

Here's the link to the community driver. I have Aqara all over my house. With the IKEA Trådfri outlets, they're just as stable as anything else I own.

They don't need to--the Eria dimmer fits in a standard decorator plate. The dimmer does come with its own "plate," but that is one intended for mounting it alone on the wall or whatever surface you want (the remote clings magnetically to it). Otherwise, a small "adapter" comes off that you can use to make it work inside a standard gang box, and it doesn't take up any more width than a standard decorator switch, so you can mount them in standard boxes with standard covers with as much gang-age as you need. :slight_smile:

PS - If you're OK with just a literal button, the SmartThings Button is pretty cheap (around $15 for one and less if you buy multiple ones directly from Samsung), but there is little hope of being able to mount it in any way that would believably replace a switch.

The mounting plate once removed can be used with a standard decora cover.

I would also like to make a point about the Eria Smart switch (which I have, and find very useful).
The actual pad itself is somewhat thicker than a standard pad - so I have found that in order to increase the WAF (wife acceptance factor), I had to cut out the wallboard behind the pad, so that it would end up being flush with the wall.