Zwave firmware update really slow

is it really that slow uploading or is it really huge?

Yes, the 7.18.1 Z-Wave update can be a bit slow (I've seen 15+ minutes reported for some users). I don't think it's actually particularly large, just seems to be an artifact of how the update process works.


didnt ask for a reboot after the update.. i assume its a good idea.

I had the same question

It's slow but it went much smoother than the last firmware update. At least for me.

The BEST data rate for Z-wave is 100 kbps and a poor connection might only be 9.6 kbps. While 100 kbps is fast compared to the old 56 kpbs modems that used to be used for dial up Internet service over copper telephone wires, we have gotten so used to high speed broadband Internet that we forget how slow things used to be. My first dial-up modem in the 1980s operated at 300 bps modem. It was painfully slow.

In normal usage even 9.6 kpbs is fast enough for operation of Z-wave devices as only a short string of bytes of data need to be transmitted. Firmware updates are a different matter. To do an update, you want to be sure the device is close enough to the hub for a 100 kpbs direct connection (no repeaters in the signal chain). If the device is paired with security, the update will be painfully slow, if it goes through at all. I had to remove and reconnect some devices without security enabled to achieve proper updates.

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I was just speaking of the 7.18.1 firmware update to the zwave radio that came packaged with 2.3.4 but thanks for the additional info and tips on device updates.

Yes talking about the new radio update not a device.

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Neither one are particularly fast. It is like 28.8K dial-up internet where you watch the picture load line by line.


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