Zwave Disaster Recovery

After much reading on the topic, and a recent failure of my personal home, where I use a z-Stick and Indigo, I am wondering if something would be possible for my Office setup with Hubitat:

  1. Is it at all possible to backup the HUBITAT Z-WAVE radio data ONLY such that in an emergency should a hubitat hub failure occur, I could spin up a VM on Home Assitant same day using a restore of some sort to the Z-Stick ?. On the sticks, I can use the Aeotec backup / restore method.

  2. Vice versa - If I get tired of a platform that uses a Z-Stick, can that radio config be imported INTO hubitat ?

  3. Hubitat seems to be the best option for a hardware hub that is able to fully backup settings AND Radio settings. Are there others ?

Thanks in advance, I use Hubuitate for very basic operations at my office, and never dug too deep.

Hubitat radio data is only available if you use the cloud backup (requires Hub Protect subscription) and only allows the data to be restored to an HE C-8 Hub. Regular backups can be restored to any HE Hub, but do not include the radio data.


C7 and c5 can have their z-wave radios backed up as well with Hub Protect. As for the sticks, I know one type of z-wave stick can be backed up but not the other one.

Appreciate the info, Yes, Happy to pay the fee !

I heard from Aeotec, at this time , it is NOT possible to migrate from 800 > 700. I do know that making a backup of a Aeotec 5 stick is possible. Thanks for the note

Testing out a HE C8 - I have to tell you this thing PLOWS through floors and walls down to an area of my house with no hops in between quickly, whereas on Gen5 , it would be sluggish, and require numerous devices in between. I think this may be my Zwave solution and let me sleep better at night knowing I will never have to visit evry device again after a stick failure.

Now, if only I could get my Indigo Domotics system to see my Hubitat C8 devices. There does not appear to be any simple, well, I mean VERY well documented (an absolute fool prof document or a video) resource that walks through this MQTT world that is new to me.

I think @aaiyar is the mqtt guru around here.

Thanks, fingers crossed on a post on this,