Zwave dimmers and Homebridge

Hello all,

I’m new to the game and trying to learn as much as possible. I have a RPi running as a Homebridge server and I’ve been fairly successful in getting everything communicating and working with HomeKit. I’m not the most computing savvy person so I apologize if my terminology is off.

I dug some old Zwave dimmers up last night and was going through the include/publish it to Homebridge activities. The devices included fine, and checking the dimming function in hubitat, everything seemed to work fine. However when I publish to Homebridge they only come in as outlets, simple on/off, no dimming function available in HomeKit.

Would anyone have a suggestion on where the error in communication is? Is there something in the setup in Hubitat that’s specific to dimmers that I may be missing? Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question. Thanks in advance.

First, how are you sending them to Homebridge? The app from tonesto7?
What category do you have them in?
And what driver do you have assigned to the dimmer in Hubitat?

All of this is going to come into play.

I have a bunch of Zwave dimmer going to Homebridge via the tonesto7 app and they work great,

Yeah it’s the tonesto7 app. I have them coming in as a switch. I didn’t see some obvious other place to categorize them.

The driver is interesting. It included as a generic Zwave dimmer and I didn’t add anything to it. These are Zasco or something (which appears to be GE?)

How do I find the correct driver?

I think there are community drivers for the Jasco/GE switches posted on here. For that homebridge app he has good debugging built in. Go into the app > View Device Debug Info. Select one of your problematic dimmers. Post the results, at least the capabilities part. Here is an example from one of mine which works. The "SwitchLevel" is the important one for a dimmer.