Zwave Device(s) Interference

I have two zwave switches inside the same receptacle box and wonder if its possible they could interfere with each other. Before I installed the 2nd switch (Leviton-0x7b shown below), the first switch (zooz-0x72 shown below) had a direct path to the hub. Now neither of them do. The first switch has and continues to work without issue however I have had to exclude/include the 2nd switch twice. Even then, it is at times slow to respond. Any thoughts?

Any chance you figured this out? I just installed 2 dimmers along side a GFI outlet in a 3 gang receptacle. Either switch would include fine and function, but when trying to add the second one (whichever order) would lead to issues - include failures, delayed responses (or unresponsive), etc. I had the exact same thought of interference. I'd rather not change either switch location if it can be avoided.