ZWave device Replacement

Is it possible to replace a Z-Wave device without deleting it? I have a Zooz Zen 16 switch relay that is suddenly not communicating. It works in conjunction with eight virtual switches, two dashboards, a couple rule machine rules and four WebCORE pistons. I really don't want to have to visit each and every one of these things when I get a replacement ZooZ Zen 16. Any thoughts?

I believe this is what your looking for.


With a c-7, it is definitely possible. What do you have?


Swap Apps will not work due to the child devices, also he is asking how to pair it up again without deleting it.

This guide I made covers using the Zwave replace on a C7: [Guide] Updating Firmware and ZWave Replace


It's a shame it can't deal with child devices as it's so incredibly handy.

Interesting feature, however it would be very helpful if it would cover zigbee devices as well. I have some temperature sensors that, when I replace the battery, they fall off the network and I am forced to pair them again. This is pure torture because they are also used in rules machine rules, dashboards, and Webcore Pistons,

It's almost like we need the option of having an "alias" device that can be repointed to the real device when the real device needs replacing or it needs some maintenance. I can't tell you how many times I end up throwing the baby out with the bath water when replacing a device and having to revisit some 10-15 places where it is used.

Here is a really good example of a sensor that is a Zigbee device that when it breaks, I need to fix a bunch of integrations. I venture to say that I have over 50 devices like this.

Isn't that how Zigbee devices behave? If you pair a device whose ZIgbee ID already exists, it just reconnects, no?


You don't need to do anything with zigbee devices. When you re run zigbee discovery they will slide back into their old slot. You will see a message, "previously detected zigbee device found" and it's done. Rules don't break. Now if you remove it from hubitat interface that's a whole different story.


@HAL9000 @rlithgow1 I had no idea that Zigbee devices would do that! Amazing! This will save me hours. I don't remember that ever being the case back in ST. Just another of many reasons why I love HE. Wow, just wow.

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If you get Hub Protect it will back up your z-wave radio so if something happens to your hub you can restore it to the new hub. Zigbee sensors need to be re paired but again, they'll slot into their old place. (Note: Without hub protect subscription z-wave will not be backed up. Zigbee though will still slot into place on re pairing)

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Oh I buy Hub Protect and I can vouch that it has saved me twice. Very much worth the money.


You can use Swap Apps on Zigbee devices just no device with child devices.

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