Zwave connected but no activity

I have a zwave lock that was connected for over 6 months. The batteries died in what appears to be May and I didn't realize it because the lock isn't used often. I replaced the batteries today and moved the hub closer to make sure it would still have a good connection. I did a few unlocks from the keypad and saw no activity on the hub. In order to make sure they were connecting I ran a Z-Wave repair, the lock shows a direct route to the hub in the z-wave details. Despite this I see no activity in the logs from the device, nor do any commands to the device work. There is another device of the same model working just fine with the hub.

What troubleshooting steps are possible to get the lock communicating again?

I'm no support genius, but how about a graceful shutdown of the hub, power off for a minute, then power restore?

I did a reboot with no luck. I realize you are asking for a graceful shutdown but this is remote at the moment and I can't get there today.

Reboot doesn't shut down the Z-wave radio, but shutdown does.
I have my hub power plugged into a wifi plug, just in case, and also so I don't have to get off the couch.

I had an issue with no Z-Wave devices after a backup, where reboot had some positive effect, but shutdown brought it all the way back.

Who's to say it would've actually helped in your case, anyway?

If it successfully completed a repair and shows directly connected, you'd think it'd work. How about a problem of some sort with your web browser?

When my z-wave lights sometimes don't all work after a shutdown and repower, I 'exercise' them, until they start working again, either at the device or from the dashboard.
You could try "exercising" it from the dashboard or device page and see if you can get it to tick over. At least you could try that while away.

Maybe another reboot? Maybe it'll get off the scneid all by itself, overnight or something,.

If you were there, you wouldn't think you'd have to do an exclude/include, preserving the rules with a virtual device swap, but maybe you would.

I've read locks are tricky.

Maybe someone that actually knows something could chime in.

As @velvetfoot says, you need to actually disconnect power for a few mins to clear the radio. Can you also post your z-wave details page?