ZSE40 not reporting motion

I just installed a ZSE40 700 V2 on my C7 hub. It seems to report everything BUT motion, which I need. I want to use it to detect someone heading for my alarmed front door, from the inside.

Do I need to contact Zooz?

Try to hit configure on the device detail page, them manually wake the device up with the pin hole button.

If that doesn't work try un-pairing, then re-pairing it.

I think I figured out what is going on. I excluded it and added to my dev hub and it works great. The only difference is the sensor is right next to the hub in this case.
So, I think if I pair it really close to the hub , then move it to the next room it may be ok, will try later.

Thinking about ordering a ZSE40-700 to get up to $99 free shipping.

Are all the bugs worked out yet?

I really don't want to revisit my early Z-Wave network struggles now that everything is working!


Mine is working just fine. It took a bit for it to "hook" up into the zwave mesh but it did and has been reliable.

I assume you are referring to The Smartest House? If so consider the tilt-shock sensor, also works great. I picked up a couple and the waterproof containers so I can use em outside.

I wired one to the chain link on a gate to monitor if anyone opens it. It also is very reliable. Just make sure you have plenty of z-wave repeaters. I use aeotec repeaters and minoston plugs

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