ZSE18 Debug Log for New Device

I just installed a ZSE18 motion sensor and noticed these entries popping up in the log whenever the sensor is activated. The sensor was configured with the native Hubitat Zooz ZSE 18 driver. I don't know what the debug entry means and was wondering if it's anything to be concerned about.

2019-01-09 10:17:13.512 pm debugNotificationReport: NotificationReport(v1AlarmType:0, v1AlarmLevel:0, reserved:0, notificationStatus:255, notificationType:7, event:8, sequence:false, eventParametersLength:0, eventParameter:[])

They will go away if you a) turn off Debug Logs in the driver info page; or b) wait 30 mins, because built in drivers automagically turn off debug logging in 30 min.

Ok - Thanks. Just wanted to make sure that it didn't contain any useful information I needed to know.

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