Zoozs 4-1 sensor battery level not correct

Latest firmware and multiple Zooz 4-1. They have been working ok for months in regard to everything but battery. Always shows 100%. My garage started acting up so I checked and battery level said 100%. Replaced battery and good as new. Tested old battery and it was at <10% not a huge problem, but please look into the drivers.

mine too. They're monprice but look like clones of zooz and even identified as Zooz when pairing. Mine are stuck at 0 battery, 100% of the time, even with new batteries

Hi, It's probably a good idea to be a bit more specific with your message.
e.g. You don't mention what driver your using and you don't tag anyone so your leaving a lot to chance.
You probably know exactly what your on about but we're only seeing text. :slight_smile:

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Have you checked with Zooz Support to see if they have any comments? I've found them to be very responsive. Maybe @agnes.zooz will have some thoughts.

We haven't seen any issues with battery reports from the sensor on the latest firmware version. V1 I remember didn't send reports and had to be polled for battery readings but the latest firmware should report battery to the hub every day.

I have the same problem. Recently migrated sensors over from Smartthings where they were working flawlessly. The problem is confined to only the battery levels other data is reliable. Forced updates from unit or via hub do nothing to help this. Battery level does eventually update after hours and sometimes days. I have been forced to verify with a battery tester, but this is an unacceptable thing to have to do. Truly believe problem to be with software but lack skills to troubleshoot it.