Zooz ZSE30 Water Sensor - Not sure if battery is reporting correctly?

Does anyone else have one of these. Do you know if the battery level reports correctly? It is showing 100% and doesn't seem to go down at all. Thanks.

It could be sipping power, it could be reporting incorrectly until a specific threshold. Either way all battery devices lie like a drunk teenager to their parents. Use HSM to monitor all batteries and simply set it for 20% or lower. Then replace when the alarm is sent.

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For nearly all my battery devices, they either die at 30% or keep working for months after reaching critical battery (1%), so I setup Device Watchdog to monitor them and send notifications when they haven't had recent activity.


I had one battery device that when I measured the removed lithium battery it was 0.55V ! The unit just stopped working within 24 hours of my measurement.