Zooz Zen34 remote + a zwave relay -- solution for a very tight install?

I have a 2 gang box with decora switches I'd like to convert to zwave -- I've done this for many of the switches in our house using GE, Jasco, Inovelli... maybe a few others.

In this case, the box is chock full of 12g wires and there just is no room for even a newer 'smaller' zwave switch. So I'm thinking of trying a pair of Zooz remote ZEN34s + some kind of dual zwave relay inside the box. Note -- in this scenario, the relay would NOT be wired to physical switches. The Zooz remotes would talk to the relay to turn the circuits on/off.

In theory this would make for a pretty small install - the Zooz remotes basically take zero space inside the box, and the modules all seem reasonably small -- if I can use a dual relay, so only 1 in the box, there should be plenty of room.

Maybe there's a better solution? Or maybe this won't work?

Any thoughts appreciated -- thanks.


Definitely a viable solution. I have quite a few of the Zen34s and have been very pleased with them. Haven't used any exactly as you describe but similar.

In one case I have used two Zen34s to cover a two gang box for a celling fan that uses RF remotes. I hardwired the fan and use the Zen34s to control it via a Bond bridge.

One other thought might be to use a couple of the Zooz momentary switches (ZAC99?) with the double zwave relay - they do take more space than the ZEN34, but might still be small enough to fit in/on your 2-gang box, and you then have direct control of the relays without any delay or uncertainties from zwave.

Thanks @terminal3 for your response, I appreciate it -- Shelly should arrive today, I'm going to give it a try.

Thanks @gta, that's an interesting idea -- I appreciate what you're thinking about introducing delay/uncertainty with a switch only controlled by zwave -- I need to take a look at the Zooz momentary switches and see if I could make them fit.