Zooz Zen34 Constant Battery Reports

I'm not sure if anyone has seen anything like this, occasionally a couple of my Zen34's will get into this state where it is constantly reporting battery state, and apparently ignoring its wakeup interval (which is 43200 per its state variable). I've had this happen on more then one of these, but have recently noticed this one doing it (although I don't often go to look logs if nothing is broken).

Waking the device up and reconfiguring fixes it for some period of time, I just reconfigured this device a couple days ago. The device will also suddenly stop this behavior all on its own and then randomly start back up again.

I'm kind of at a loss, although I lean towards this being some sort of firmware bug. I can't think of a reason why it would honor its wakeup interval 99% of the time until it decides not to.

@agnes.zooz FYI to you on this as well, I haven't yet opened a support ticket with you folks on this one.


Thanks for reporting that. I'll forward it over to the engineers and see if we can pin it down and provide new firmware to address it.


I am experiencing the same issue on the ZEN34. Battery report every 6-7 seconds for a couple of hours and then nothing for 12 hours. May be a coincidence but seems to happen if I have not pressed a button in several days.

System spec: Hubitat C-7 running
Sensor spec: firmware: 1.01, protocol version: 7.13, hardware version: 1

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Same thing here. A battery report exactly every 7 seconds from 12:35:20 to 12:58:56. Device info:
Hubitat C-5 running

Thanks for your feedback everyone, we're working to have that addressed in the next firmware release.

Hi @agnes.zooz, I am seeing this issue on my initial Zen34; and taking advantage of the recent sale, I now have four of these. Will you be announcing here when the update is available? Or do I need to file a support ticket to get notified?

Seeing this thread recently reminded me to pin Agnes on the new firmware. She send me the latest release version (1.30) which appears to have stopped the chatty battery reports.

I will say that as a C-5 owner, it's easier to upgrade Z-wave 700 units via a USB stick and Z-Wave PC Controller. However, I could not get the ZEN34 to include on a Nortek 500 stick. Ordering a UZB-7 stick from Silabs (Mouser) took care of the problem.