Zooz Zen32 controller question

I recently replaced my master bathroom dimmer with the Zen32 scene controller so I could also set the different modes in my house when I get up, however I didn’t realize this is a switch instead of dimmer. Is there any sort of workaround I can do to “turn it into” a dimmer when motion is triggered?

You would need either another switch to control the light load, or a dimmer module in the box or at the fixture such as this Qubino one (https://qubino.com/products/mini-dimmer/). You could then disconnect to load from the ZEN32 and use it only as a button controller, and have one of the buttons turn the light on/off or dim via holding it.

Another option would be a ZEN30 double switch, use the dimmer paddle for the light and use the relay button (up to 5x taps) for scene control. You also get up to 5x taps on the up and down paddle of the dimmer, but 1x and 2x are usually used to control the attached light.

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Your other "other dimmer" option is a smart bulb; set the relay to always provide power, then use commands from the button to control the brightness of the bulb.

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Duh, yeah a smart bulb seems like a way better option than my suggestion. Unless you have some special bulbs that you don't want to replace.

Thanks for the suggestions guys :+1:t2:

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