Zooz Zen30 Owners w/ C7 Hub

Those of you with ZEN30's did you upgrade to the 1.05 firmware and if so is the fan part of the switch working properly with the driver? I'm on 1.03 and have been waiting for the next release of the Hubitat firmware to see if that might fix it but I thought we would have that firmware by now so I'm willing to do the upgrade if it will fix the problem. I have rules that will not work properly with the fan switch not reporting to the hub like it should.


I have three of these on Zooz firmware 1.05; however, they're paired to a C-5 Hubitat, whereas this issue appears to be C-7 specific. You may wish to edit your post to indicate that you're using a C-7.

Added it to the subject. Good idea thanks.

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Should I decide to do this anyway since it's already paired in S2 what's the easiest way to do this? Do I sub out a virtual switch while I'm doing the upgrade. I know I can't flash it in S2 mode so I'll need to exclude it and then pair it to upgrade it. I have a stick so I'd probably just use that since I'd need to unpair it anyway.

I am on a C7 with the 1.03 firmware using S2 and I am not having trouble with the fan. It’s turning on and off automatically based on the humidity in bathroom.

I am however struggling with the dimmer custom brightness. I write to the brightness setting using rule machine when the mode changes to night and a second rule that writes to it when the mode changes to day. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the custom brightness setting always has pending in front of it. Worked great on the C5, stuck on what to do with the C7.