Zooz Zen26 installation

I put in seven (7) Zooz Zen26 switches this weekend in 3 and 4 way switch configurations. Six of the configurations were covered by their examples, but one was different. After just a little correspondence with them on Saturday and Sunday I received very detailed instructions on how to incorporate the switch. Followed the instructions and it works.

Just thought I would give them a little appreciation for excellent service.


Love my Zooz switches! The double & triple tap action triggers are fantastic and I believe an exclusive feature.


Thanks so much for the shout out guys!

We're happy you're happy :slight_smile:

Double / triple tap triggers (scene control) can also be found in other brands like HomeSeer (not sure how well documented though) but the 3-way / 4-way solution is unique to the market. Just thought I would clarify.

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