Zooz ZEN26 driver

HI. I just started using Hubitat and have added some Zooz switches. I have some ZEN26 switches, but when I added those they showed the type as "Zooz Central Scene Switch". Do these work fine using this driver? Searching I found releases of Zen26/27 drivers. Should I add these instead and change the type?

That is up to you. In general, if Hubitat picks a built-in driver on pairing, that is the best-match built-in driver for that device. (Rarely, manufacturers change part of the "fingerprint," which is used for this match-up, with firmware updates or hardware revisions, which can sometimes throw this off...) You can verify this with Hubiat's official compatible device list if you want to check that you're using the recommended built-in driver:


In your case, for the ZEN26, you are.

But there is more to your question. Often, there are community drivers -- which I assume are what you found -- that offer different features, or perhaps were around before there was native support. Only you can really answer this question for yourself: does the community driver provide something you want that the built-in driver doesn't? Are you comfortable using custom code? Etc.

You can certainly try it out if you want. Add the driver code (under "Drivers Code"; click the two little arrows above "Logs" if you don't see it to expand this view), then select your new driver under "Type" on the Device Detail page for this device and select "Save Device." It is generally recommended to hit "Configure" after changing drivers as well. If you don't like it, change back via the same process.

Or if you don't see a need, just don't in the first place, I guess. :smiley:


Thank you for the detailed response. That was the explanation I needed.

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More specifically for the Zooz switches, the generic driver will give you limited parameter support and support up to 2x button presses. If that's all you need it should work fine. If you want access to all the firmware parameters and all the button tap events you will need a community driver. Specifically I would use the one that I maintain, as the other one on the forum is no longer being maintained (the author now works for Hubitat).

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