Zooz Zen25 Headaches

I am having 2 unrelated Zooz Zen 25 Issues that I am hoping someone can help me solve:

  1. I have two of these devices and for both of them, when I include them, they get added (plus the two child devices) and both devices are acting up. One of them will only respond to commands once before locking up and not responding to anything over z-wave and the second one turns off automatically after like 60 seconds even though I have the auto-off set to disable and re configured the device. Are these devices just not good?

  2. I have a completely different device (Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug) which, when I added it, was added as a Zen25 Device with two child devices. It still works, I can still turn it on and off. But I'd rather it be correct. When I change the device type to "Generic Z-wave plus smart switch" it still works but the child devices are still there and I cannot remove them.

Any ideas for either of these?


Temporarily, change the TYPE to DEVICE. Then Click "Delete All Child Devices"; then switch back to original device type.

Thank You!

What firmware is on the ZEN25, I think newest is 2.0
Are you using the included system driver?
Unplug and re-plug the devices to kill power and restart them, should unlock them.
Use the parameters to set all the reporting frequencies much higher than defaults for starters. Then you can dial them in (lower) later if you find you need it.

If none of that works I have a custom driver I was working on which I have been using for many months without any issues, I could give you the info on how to add that and set it up.