Zooz Zen16 Driver Issues

I have recently purchased 4 Zen16 multi-relays to use as sprinkler valve controllers. The first 3 relays paired and installed without any problem. The fourth for some reason wants to pair as one of my generic Z-Wave Plus Scene Switches. It tries to replace the garage light switch. I have also noticed that when trying to add the device by brand or device type the Zooz Multi-relay is not in any of the lists. The behaviors attempting to pair the 4th multi-relay seems reminiscent of an old "pointer spaghetti" memory issue in C programming. Just wondering if others have noticed issues trying to implement the Zen16 in projects. The first 3 are working great! Only the 4th seems to be a problem. I have 11 zones to control. Thanks

A factory reset of the Zen-16 resolved the pairing issue. It still doesn't show up when selecting by brand or device type. Otherwise they are working great.

How about excluding it and then resetting it to factory default?

I wonder if maybe you got one that someone returned? Could that cause this?

Thats not really possible with Zwave, unless you have a conflicting left over DNI from a device removed from the mesh but not the devices list.

You could even just reset without excluding (might leave a ghost node).
Then pair it again as a new device.

If it pairs as a new device but has the wrong driver automatically selected that is an easy fix, just go to the device page and change the Type to match the other ones, save, then press configure button.

A factory reset fixed the pairing issue. Thanks

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