Zooz zen15 versions and driver

Hi all,
Just bought two zooz zen15 outlet switches, one from eBay and one from Amazon. The one from eBay looks to be an older version as it’s labeled as zen15 ver2, running firmware 1.04 and the one from Amazon is an 800LR version, running firmware 2.0.
So, forest question is I don’t see an oob driver for zen15, so which one should I use? And second, does anyone know the difference between the two versions? Any reason to use (or not), one over the other? And can I use the same driver for both?

Highly recommend @jtp10181's excellent driver here. It will work with both versions.

Other than the latest being 800LR (versus 500), I don't believe there's any significant difference in actual performance or overall capability.

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This is not the case; the "Zooz Power Switch" driver was written for the ZEN15.

See also this page, which has models matched to drivers in case you're curious or the hub doesn't pick the right one on pairing:

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Perfect thank you!

Ah, I guess I didn’t look too good haha. Thank you.
Any major differences between build in driver and the one posted above? Or one recommended to use over the other?

Jeff's exposes all the relevant parameters whereas the native one exposes less. Which is often completely fine, since most users aren't tweaking every possible parameter, so exposing the "main" ones is usually a nice balance of usability and not wading through a bunch of options.

If you prefer using native drivers in general, you can always customize any non-surfaced parameters via the Basic Z-Wave Tool driver -- it works very well too.


Understood - thank you!